The Art of Cheese Cookery
by Nika Hazelton

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ISBN: 0-89496-003-2

TITLE: The Art of Cheese Cookery

AUTHOR: Nika Hazelton

PRICE: $14.95


PAGES: 192

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Table of Contents
Photo/Illus. of 23 Types of Cheeses

What is Cheese?

A Cheese Chart of the Best-Known Varieties

Appetizers & Canapés


Hot Breads, Biscuits, & Muffins

Fondues, Soufflés, Puddings, & Rabbits


Meat & Poultry


Noodles, Rice & Dumplings


Fritters, Patties, Puffs, Hot Sandwiches, & Pancakes



Puddings, Cakes, & Pastries

Sandwich Spreads, Brandied Cheeses, & How to Make Cheeses


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Author Biography
Nika Hazelton is the author of many international gourmet cookbooks and the editor of the popular American Encyclopedia of Cooking.

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An enterprising, all-cheese cookery book for vegetarians and carnivores alike. With no wastage and easy storing, cheese represents excellent value for money and quick and easy protein. This book introduces the reader to the secrets of cheese making and describes the many different varieties of cheese available.

Here are more than 200 cheese recipes that make delicious dishes of soups, hot breads, fish, eggs, salads, puddings and cakes.

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