How to Plan and Book
 Meetings and Seminars

by Judy Williams

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978-0-89496-000-0 (eBook)
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TITLE: How to Plan and Book Meetings and Seminars

SIZE: 6 x 9

AUTHOR: Judy Williams

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PAGES: 172

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PUB DATE: 10/10/10

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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 - It Happens This Way; or, Who Needs This Book?
The Corporate Administrative Assistant
The Association Secretary
The Regional Manager
The Entrepreneur
The Arts Group
The Travel Agent

CHAPTER 2 - The Key Players and Their Roles
Who Are the Key Players
Two Elements of Success
Responsibilities of the Instigator
Responsibilities of the Coordinator
Responsibilities of the Hotel Contact.

CHAPTER 3 - Dates and Times
Definite and Tentative Dates
Inclusive Dates
Unavailable Dates
Starting and Ending
Twenty-four Hour
Break Time

CHAPTER 4 - The Necessary Numbers
How Your Estimate Is Used
Why You Must Be Accurate
Tips On Arriving at Your Estimate
If Your Numbers Change.

CHAPTER 5 - Musical Chairs
Flexibility in Your Set-Up
Meeting Room Charges
Negotiating Rates
Group Sizes Defined
The Eight Most Common Styles of Seating Arrangements

CHAPTER 6 - Standard Expectations and Additions
Some Things Go Without Saying, or Do They?
Seating Your Special Guests
Additional Tables
Special Touches.

CHAPTER 7 - Sound and Pictures
Audio-Visual Equipment Charges
The Three Little Projectors
A Note on Rear Screen Projection
Flip Charts, Screens, Podiums
Microphones, Sound Systems, Blackboards

CHAPTER 8 - Room in the Inn
Room Block
Types of Rooms
Location and Amenities
Room Rates and Negotiating Them
Arrival and Departure Dates
Room Guarantees
Who Pays for What?

CHAPTER 9 - Feeding the Masses
How Many Meal Functions?
Blocking Space, Seating Arrangements
Choosing Menus, Guarantees
Creative Breaks
Meal Prices
You Cannot Bring It In

CHAPTER 10 - What about Liquor?
Bottle Sales—Pros and Cons
Open Bars, Cash Bars, Bartenders
Hors d'Oeurres

CHAPTER 11 - Send Me the Bill
Meet The Controller and His Helpers
Folios, Master Accounts, Charges
On Departure vs. Direct Billing
Credit Applications
Exceptions to the Rule

CHAPTER 12 - Special Types of Meetings
Computer Meetings
Trade Shows
Continuity Shows
Training Seminars
Contractor Bid Teams
Themed Parties
Tours, Fashion Shows

CHAPTER 13 - Choosing a Site
Criteria for Choosing
Tips on Where to Start
Initial Contact
Site Inspections
Establishing a Rapport

CHAPTER 14 - Let's Put it on Paper
Telephone Dialogue: An Actual Booking.
How Many and When
The Basic Info
Meeting Space and Equipment Needs.
Morning and Afternoon Breaks
Blocking Sleeping Rooms
Meals and Menus
Bar Arrangements
Hors d'Oeurres
Billing Information

CHAPTER 15 - Staying on Schedule
Completing the Booking
Marking the Calendar, Making Notes
Verbal and Written Confirmations
Letters to Attendees
Room Lists, Equipment Rentals
Meal Guarantees.

CHAPTER 16 - The Big Day
Business As Usual
Last Minute Changes
The Worst That Can Happen
Catastrophic Events
Intermediate Disturbances
More Minor Problems

CHAPTER 17 - Success Summary
Rewards and Reprimands
Lessons You Learned
Evaluation of Performance

Site Inspection Report Form
Booking Entry
Room List Form


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"This book should sit on every businessperson's bookshelf. After all, who hasn't been called upon to 'run a meeting'" - Business Marketing

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Author Biography
Judy Williams spent 15 years working for the most respected hotel chains in the United States of America. She was in charge of the department that coordinates and executes meeting and seminar planning.

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Author Comments
In addition to the comprehensive discussion on how to best plan and book a seminar, this book contains forms and charts for setting up meetings. Including "Site Inspection Report Form", "Booking Entry/Room Reservation Form", "Room List Form", and more including sample contracts used with hotel or meeting sites.

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Publisher Comments
Judy Williams spent 15 years working for most respected hotel chains in America as the primary contact for people like you - businesses that need to have a meeting. Now she is able to give you all the inside information on what is needed to plan and conduct a meeting successfully and economically. It goes without saying that even seemingly minor mistakes in planning a meeting can cost you a lot of money in the final bill. This book will pay for itself immediately.

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Back Cover
Meetings back cover  Sooner or later, every business, association or organization will want to hold a meeting, seminar or trade show outside their regular offices. How do you find your way amongst the dizzying array of hotels, meeting halls, meal guarantees, accommodations arrangements, party packages, bar plans and billing procedures?

Author Judy Williams, a veteran hotel and meeting planner, will guide you through the perils and pitfalls of organizing your event. Whether it's your first or fiftieth time, she'll show you how to make your seminar or meeting run smoothly and perfectly with a minimum of expense, time and effort.

How To Plan And Book Meetings And Seminars includes:

* Choosing a site
* Making Lodging Arrangements
* Planning perfect parties, delicious meals, and creative breaks
* Audio-Visual equipment needs
* Negotiating a contract
* Standard extras and special touches
* Credit and billing procedures
* Staying on schedule and under budget
* Special meetings
* Coping with last minute disasters

Whatever kind of events you plan - sales meetings, training seminars, awards ceremonies, trade shows or business conferences - How to Plan and Book Meetings and Seminars is the book you need to make them enjoyable and successful.

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