Consciousness and Creativity
by John-Raphael Staude

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ISBN: 0-89496-009-1

TITLE: Consciousness and Creativity

AUTHOR: John-Raphael Staude

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PAGES: 144

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Table of Contents
Voluntary Simplicity and the Unfolding of Man by Duane S. Elgin

The Societal Implications of Consciousness and Psychic Research by Willis W. Harman

Toward a Modern Science of the Occult by Randall Collins

Personal Growth: East and West by John Hurrell Crook

The Way Up and the Way Down: On Meditation by Claudio Naranjo

People of Nepal: A Photographic Documentary by Bill Henderson

The Odyssey and the Myth of the Homeward Journey by William Bridges

The Daimon of Creativity: A Study of the Mid-Life Passage in Nietzsche, Jung, and Hesse by John-Raphael Staude

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Author Biography
John-Raphael Staude has taught and studied European history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology in Paris and Heidelberg.

He received his PhD in History form the University of California at Berkeley. After teaching history and sociology for many years, he undertook clinical training at the Jung Institute in Zurich and later earned a PhD in Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley.

Besides numerous articles, his publications include Max Scheler , Humanistic Society, Consciousness and Creativity, and The Adult Development of C.G. Jung

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Publisher Comments
This is a series of lectures by leaders in the field of Transpersonal Psychology. Names such as Claudio Naranjo, Gay Gaer Luce, Joan Halifax, Joseph Meeker, Bill Bridges, Ben Weininger, Nevitt Sanford, Elizabeth Leonie Simpson, Maurice Friedman, Richard Wiseman, Christine Downing, Margaret Keys, Charles Garfield, and John-Raphael Staude are quite well known in print and among professional contemporaries.

Please see a companion publication titled Wisdom and Age.

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Consciousness and Creativity is a new book designed to bring together the now separated and specialized disciplines involved in studying human consciousness and to communicate the felt experience of different cultures, both ancient and modern.

The purpose of Consciousness and Creativity is to provide a forum for current thinking on the structure of reality at its most fundamental levels. The book seeks to:

* Explore the social implications and applications of research in the psychology, sociology, and anthropology of consciousness and culture, as well as the contributions of physics and holistic medicine.

* Stimulate creative thinking and new understandings of ancient as well as emerging cultures

* Focus interest on the reintegration of human beings with the natural environment, and

* Integrate the truths about human beings and society now scattered among many disciplines.

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