Living on Two Wheels
by Dennis Coello

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978-0-89496-049-9 (paper)
ISBN: 978-0-89496-050-5 (eBook)

TITLE: Living on Two Wheels

AUTHOR: Dennis Coello

PRICE: $14.95 Paper

PAGES: 228


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Living on Two Wheels


Table of Contents
Author Biography
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Table of Contents
* Checklist

* Commuting In Comfort
* Rain
* Snow And Cold Weather Gear
* Head
* Upper Torso
* Hands
* Lower Torso
* Feet
* Panniers
* Bicycle Carts
* Safety
* The Maiden Voyage
* Planning The Route With Topographical Maps
* Riding Techniques For Rain, Snow And Ice
* Personal Safety And Self-Defense
* Protecting Your Investments-Locks
* Mechanics
* Handlebars And Headsets
* Wheels

* Cotterless Crank
* Pedals
* Brakes
* Derailleurs
* Front Derailleuer
* Chains
* Tools
* The Commuter's Checklist
On The Bike

* Preparing For The Tour
* Researching The Tour Area
* Physical Condition
* 12 Week Training Program
* Preparing For Group Tours
* Touring Equipment
* Final Checklist
* Packing And Riding The * Touring Bike
* Life On The Road

Appendix A: Gear Chart For 27 Inch Wheel

Appendix B: Bicycle Catalogues And Accessories

Appendix C: General Outdoor Distributors


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Author Biography
Dennis Coello is the author of numerous bike books and videos. He writes for major bike magazines, conducts bike clinics across the USA and has traveled around the world on nothing but a bicycle. Dennis owns no car and lives his life entirely on a bike.

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Publisher Comments
It is amazing what you can do on a bicycle and Dennis makes a very compelling presentation of how you can live on just a bicycle. This book explains how the average family can live with no car. A bicycle is all you need. Dennis Coello lives that life and he explains how it is done and what you need. Dennis has even been around the world on just a bicycle. He also conducts numerous bike clinics and has authored numerous books and magazine articles..

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Back Cover
back cover 2 wheels Living on Two Wheels is the only bike book the average person will ever need. Dennis Coello begins by explaining why bikes are designed differently for different uses. Slowly, he takes you from how to choose one to how to maintain it, on through how to tour and travel by bike. Before he's done he gives you the names of the catalogue, manufacturers and distributors offering the best equipment.

With clear but detailed drawings, he unravels the mysteries of derailleur, hub assemblies and gear ratios. Step-by-step, he simplifies the intricacies of striping, cleaning and reassembling your bike and along the way, he introduces you to the value and potential of the bicycle as transportation

This is not a giddy account of biking through the woods, Nor is it a dry, complex shop manual. Rather, it is a handbook containing facts, lessons and experiences that make it THE valuable reference for anyone interested in biking.

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