How to Buy and Maintain a Carpet
by Robert Selby

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TITLE: How to Buy and Maintain a Carpet

AUTHOR: Robert Selby

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PAGES: 172

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Table of Contents

Brief History Of Carpeting
Velvet & Wilton Weave
Axminster & Chenille Weave

Cotton And Wool
Woolens-Worsted & Jute

Acetate, Nylon & Polyester
How Is Today's Carpet Made?

Level Loop & High Low Loop
Sculptured Shag - Cut & Loop
Plush - Velvet Plush - Saxony
Frieze & Shags
Cushion Backed Carpeting
Electro Static Shock

So You Think You Need A Carpet
Rooms For Special Thought
Kitchen, Bathroom Carpet
Carpet Squares
Carpet The Wall
Special Carpet Dye Orders
Carpet Weights
The Sales Person
Who Do You Buy From?
Lets Look At Those Ads
The Bargain
Shopping Prices
Carpet Guarantees
Department Store Carpet
Franchise Carpet Stores
Independent Carpet Store
Home Operator
Do You Need Padding?
Soil Retardant
Grade Levels (Foundation)
Now You Can Bargain
Actual Purchase
New Home Carpet
Commercial Carpet

Maintenance Of Resilient Floor
Other Types Of Resilient Floor
Hardwood Parquet
Ceramic Tile
Other Types
Oriental Rugs
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Rental Property
Motel Carpet Maintenance


Maintaining Your Carpet
Pets & Carpets
Adults & Carpets
Furniture Imprints
Chairs With Coasters
Wrinkles & Bubbles In Carpet
Snags In Carpet
Prevention Of Rust Spots
Soil Retardant
Carpet Fading
Casters That Bleed
Furniture That Bleeds
Paint The Garage Floor

How To Get The Right One
The Door To Door Salesman
Why Vacuum?
Save On Vacuum Bags
Carpet Sweepers
Built In Vacuums
Buy You Own Shampoer
Does Your Carpet Need Cleaning?
Clean Your Own
Soaps & Detergents
Chemical Steps In Cleaning
History Of Soap
How To Use The Equipment
Rotary Method
Steam Clean
Moving The Furniture
Odors & Deodorants
Powdered Deodorants
Potted Plants
Floods - Severe
Floods - Minor
Finding A Professional Cleaner
Carpet Cleaning Ads
Carpet Drying
Repair Your Own Carpet
Spots and stains
Tool kit
wax, gum, cigarette burns
urine, rust, blood, wine
coffee, tea, vomit
glue, nail polish, ballpoint pen
gravy, furniture polish, crayon
butter, asphalt, mascara, tar
paste shoe wax, cough syrup
red berries, fruit juice, bar drinks
catsup, chocolate, ice cream, milk
toothpaste, lipstick, latex paint
do it yourself tile floor
preparations (slab floor)
preparations (wood floor)

Why this book was written


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Both the present and past president of the California Carpet Cleaning Institute have endorsed this book.

Ralph Nader's Cal-Perg organization recommended this book.

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Author Biography
Robert Selby has owned a carpet installing and cleaning business for over 14 years. He conducts classes in the care and treatment of carpets as well. He has bought, installed and cleaned almost every type of carpet there is. This book is a quick summary of his experience and advice.

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Author Comments
DON'T clean your old carpet and PLEASE DON'T buy a new carpet until after you have read this book. Knowledge is the key to protection.

Carpeting in the average home is the third most expensive investment that the average homeowner undertakes. This book is designed to save you from making expensive mistakes in your carpeting decisions.

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Publisher Comments
The subtitle: Avoid Losing a Fortune When Buying a Carpet! explains the thrust of the book. It is a consumer's guide to carpeting. This publication was encouraged and recommended by Cal-Perg (Ralph Nader's California consumer advocate organization).

"Knowledge is the key to protection", states the author. So it is through this book that you, the consumer, may be aided in all phases of floor covering... from purchases to spots and stains and every thing in between. How to Buy and Maintain a Carpet  may well be one of your most important possessions.

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BC Carpet Book

Avoid Losing a Fortune When Buying a Carpet!

These days nearly everyone has carpet in his or her home and you probably do too. Wall to wall carpet is as common today as a car in the driveway or a television set in the living room. After a home and an automobile it is the third most expensive investment made in your lifetime.

The majority of people today know very little about this expensive investment. The sad truth is that less than one percent of the population knows enough about carpeting to make the proper choice of purchase, or even the best method of cleaning.

Ten years of research into consumer floor covering problems has made author Robert L. Selby one of the most knowledgeable men in his field. His experiences with home owners, renters, real estate and property management firms have brought into focus the tremendous lack of knowledge that the consumer has in regard to their floor covering., he also has uncovered widespread fraud, incompetence and deceptive advertising by carpet retailers and so-called "professional" carpet cleaners.


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