The Whole Foods Experience - 2nd Edition
by Ellen Sue Spivack-Jacobson

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ISBN: 978-089496-0215

TITLE: The Whole Foods Experience - 2nd Edition

AUTHOR: Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

PRICE: $14.95


PAGES: 170

SIZE: 8 x 10

COVER ILLUSTRATOR: Martha Breen Bredemeyer


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Whole Foods

Table of Contents
Author Biography
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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 - Getting Started
The Altman Basic Four
Patience And Perseverance
Beginner's List For A Natural Foods Kitchen

CHAPTER 2 - The World of Whole Foods
Natural Foods List

CHAPTER 3 - Making Ends Meet Naturally

CHAPTER 4 - Essential Utensils
Cooking Pots
Baking Equipment
Serving Dishes

CHAPTER 5 - Whole Hints
Dry Beans
Grains & Beans: Creative Uses

CHAPTER 6 - Breakfast: First Things First
Fresh Fruit Suggestions
Protein-Breakfast Suggestions
Bread and Cereal Ideas
Granola Ideas

CHAPTER 7 - Lunch: Midday Feasts
Sandwich Suggestions
Soups & Such: Lunch Beyond Sandwiches

CHAPTER 8 - Dinner: Meatless Fare

CHAPTER 9 - Nutritious Nibbling
Suggestions for Gradual Natural Snack "Fudging"
Naturally Good Snack Ideas
Snacks For Special Occasions

CHAPTER 10 - Babies: Whole New Lives
A Word About Breast Feeding
Simple Foods For Baby
Sample Menus

CHAPTER 11 - Good Food For Special Problems
Milk Substitutes
Egg Substitutes

CHAPTER 12 - Odds And Ends

CHAPTER 13 - Resource List: Where To Go From Here
Dictionaries And Food Guides
Reference Books
Children's Diet
Mother And Baby's Diet
Special Problems
General Cookbooks
Meatless Food Books
Sprouting And Raw Food Books
Miscellaneous Books
Natural Food Mail Order Houses

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"Put it next to Spock and Davis. The Whole Foods Experience is a good deal more than good's everything you've ever wanted to know about getting your kids to eat what's good for them. Must reading for mothers." - Francis Goulart, author of "Eating To Win"

"Ellen tells us exactly and simply how to preserve the naturalness and flavor without making a lot of work out of it...Simple, straightforward, direct, persuasive without arm-twisting; I like that." - Hindenlt Smith, pediatrician/author "Feed Your Kind Right"

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Author Biography
Ms. Spivack-Jacobson, recently listed in "Who's Who in American Women, is well-known author and contributor to several national magazines, including Bestways, Mother Earth News, Vegetarian Times, and Whole Life Times. She is an established health advocate and lecturer, as well as the owner of Deep Roots Trading Company, a natural foods distributor in Pennsylvania.

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Publisher Comments
What we intended with The WholeFoods Experience is not to do just another cookbook; instead, it's a guidebook for those interested in making an inexpensive, creative transition from processed to whole foods. Processed foods permeates our mass market food stores and include a lot of preservatives and other chemicals that many people wish to do without. This book is designed for those that want to change their lifestyle to one that is filled with natural whole foods. In this one beautifully designed book you will find:
  • A complete guide to changing your lifestyle including simple, complete suggestions for every mealtime, as well as a chapter on nutritious nibbling;
  • Chatters on whole foods for the allergic and hyperactive;
  • Whole foods for babies and expectant mothers;
  • A unique and extensive section of references and referrals to organizations, publications, and other sources of information on whole foods;
  • Delicious, healthful recipes for every occasion and palate

The Whole Foods Experience was created to help all those who want to begin a new and more wholesome lifestyle with the least possible fuss, muss or bother.

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Tired of processed foods?

Get Back To Basics With the Whole Foods Experience!

If you've been thinking about making the transition to whole foods, this is the book for you. A simple, refreshing guide, The Whole Foods Experience includes everything from Nutritious Nibbling to Hearty Dinnertime Recipes, with special sections on whole foods for a baby, alternative eating for the hyperactive and the allergic, and a comprehensive listing of resources and referrals. Delicious recipes make this a must even for those who have already entered the exciting world of whole foods.

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