Holography MarketPlace 3rd edition

Multi-Plane Hologram

This is probably one of the best examples of a multi-plane hologram.

Imagine a sheet of glass with letters on it. You then take a 2nd sheet of glass with letters on it and place it behind the first sheet. You then take a third sheet of glass with letters and place it at the 3rd level of depth. As you look at the 1st sheet of glass you see the letters on it and you see through the glass to the other sheets at greater depth. This hologram is a result of that kind of design. The letters are very vivid and the depth is extremely clear.

As you can see the graphics and the hologram were designed together to create an interesting and appealing visual effect.

The artist designed the print background with lines and gradations to show how depth is created in print form for a field of letters.

The artist then creates a hologram using the same letters & typeface to show how holography portrays depth. Please see the close up for further discussion.

It is not possible, of course, to demonstrate the depth the hologram gives without having a physical copy to hold and move around.

You can get a copy of the ad by simply ordering the publication it is in (hmp3). It removes easily from the book. The cost is  ($250) and can be ordered here.

Click here to see close-up of hologram

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