Holography MarketPlace 3rd Edition

Two Image Hologram



Left view ---------------Right view

This noteworthy hologram demonstrates how holograms can be used in educational and medical applications. In this case, two different (but related) pictures have been recorded onto a single hologram -- an exterior view of a human skull, and an interior view showing the brain. As the viewer tilts the hologram from left to right, the second image is revealed.

Photopolymer gives great depth and vivid images which are well represented in this hologram. You are clearly able to see depth in each of the images. This could also work with other items such as motor parts, etc.

It is not possible, of course, to demonstrate the depth the hologram over the web.

You can get a copy of the hologram by simply ordering the publication it is in (hmp3). It removes easily from the book. The cost is inexpensive ($20) and can be ordered here.


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