Holography MarketPlace 3rd Edition

Full Color Embossed Hologram

In this presentation, the artist wanted to demonstrate how close holograms can come to "real life" colors. The artist chose a "still life" setting with various colors including Caucasian skin tones which are always a good test of color reproducibility. This still life image is an excellent example of what can be done with color in embossed holography.

Another interesting thing to note is how the artist combined the photograph with a message by filling the background with the logo of the customer.  You will note that the logo is made of varying colors and those colors change as you move the hologram.

You can get a copy of the ad by simply ordering the publication it is in (hmp3). It removes easily from the book and you get other ads in the book as well. The cost is inexpensive ($20) and can be ordered here.

Click here to see close-up of hologram

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