Holography MarketPlace 3rd Edition

Sequence Emphasis

The Sequence Emphasis technique is another elegant way to use a hologram. What the artist did in this case is create a sequence of events and each point in the sequence is represented by a photograph. When the artist arrives at the point they want to emphasize, they represent it with a hologram.

Note how the artist has footprints tromping along the bottom of the ad and then they all move up, as does the evolutionary sequence, to the high point where the footprints continue right through the hologram!

So the idea is that a sequence of 2D pictures "evolve" into an embossed 3D image to create an interesting ad with lots of visual appeal.  In the creation above the artist mentions the evolution of man and how holography is the evolution of visual images. You could substitute this line of thought with any product you wish to present to the public. 

Of course the hologram can not be presented over the web and the full effect of the ad can only be understood by holding a copy of it. You can get a copy of the ad by simply ordering the publication it is in (hmp3). It removes easily from the book and you get other ads in the book as well. The cost is inexpensive ($20) and can be ordered here.

Click here to see close-up of hologram

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