Shoebox Holography



Congratulations to Ray Ramirez / Riverside, CA
Using the Shoebox Holography method.
Los Angeles, CA -- 1999

Educational Recommendations
"Shooting laser diode holograms will revolutionize the way students and educators are introduced to creating holograms. The SHOEBOX HOLOGRAPHY method makes creating holograms with laser pointers fun and accessible to all students and educators. By using laser diodes, we will be increasing the number of students being able to create holograms in our programs."

Otto E. Loggers, Education Coordinator, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum
"This book is excellent, you have touched on many little important details that others have not.... Congratulations. You have approached the subject from a direction of simplicity, with the important factors that make a hologram possible. I like a lot of your tips."

Jeffrey Murray, Professional Holographer and Holography Instructor
"I want to thank you for doing what we all should have done and simplifying the process by using the diode lasers. I tried your Shoebox Holography instructions last weekend and they worked very well. The first hologram came out perfectly and we are going to start doing the demonstration again because we are getting a new hologram exhibition starting this next weekend."

Ed Brown, Physics/Chemistry Teacher, Science Demonstrator, Science Center of Iowa

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