Wisdom and Age
by John-Raphael Staude

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ISBN: 9780894961090

TITLE: Wisdom and Age

AUTHOR: John-Raphael Staude

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Table of Contents
The Wisdom of Experience By John-Raphael Staude

Meditation and Maturity: In God We Rust By Claudio Naranjo

SAGE and Wisdom by Gay Gaer Luce

Shamanism and Aging: The Elders and The Elements By Joan Halifax

Wisdom and Wilderness by Joseph Meeker

In The Redwood Forest at Anderson Canyon By John Norton

January by Bill Bridges

Life Has No Age by Ben Weininger

Personality Development At 80 Or Any Old Age By Nevitt Sanford

Virtue in Old Age by Elizabeth Leonie Simpson

Ithika by Constantine P. Cavafy

Aging and The Caring Community By Maurice Friedman

The Aging Genius by Richard Wiseman

Your Old Man Shall Dream Dreams By Christine Downing


The Last Years: Life and Death By Margaret Keys

Dying and Death by Charles Garfield

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Author Biography
John-raphael Staude has taught and studied European history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology in Paris and Heidelberg.

He received his Ph.D in History form the University of California at Berkeley. After teaching history and sociology for many years, he undertook clinical training at the Jung Institute in Zurich and later earned a Ph.D in Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley.

Besides numerous articles, his publications include Max Scheler , Humanistic Society, Consciousness and Creativity, and The Adult Development of C.G. Jung

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Publisher Comments
This is a series of lectures by leaders in the field of Transpersonal Psychology. Names such as Claudio Naranjo, Gay Gaer Luce, Joan Halifax, Joseph Meeker, Bill Bridges, Ben Weininger, Nevitt Sanford, Elizabeth Leonie Simpson, Maurice Friedman, Richard Wiseman, Christine Downing, Margaret Keys, Charles Garfield, and John-Raphael Staude are quite well known in print and among professional contemporaries.

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BC Wisdon and Age The purpose of this book is to provide people with a better understanding of the aging process. Each season of life has its own particular character, value and developmental tasks.

Wisdom and Age brings together contributions from scholars in the fields of philosophy, religion, psychology, anthropology, ecology, history and literature to provide a broad context for understanding the richness, complexity and ambiguity of the aging process. Reading this book, which was designed for young people as well as those in mid-life and older, people can develop a more positive attitude toward both the elderly and their own later years.

This book is built on the premise that he humanities perspective can add a dimension of wisdom to our growing scientific understanding of aging. Belief in immortality or in the symbolic immortality of cultures gives people something to live for in our times of rapid social and cultural change.

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