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Here is an alphabetical listing of businesses that are involved in the holography industry, followed by a listing of individuals named as the primary contacts for these businesses.

Please notify us of relevant updates to this directory as telephone prefixes, email addresses, and Internet Website addresses are changing with increasing frequency.


Business Directory

21st Century Finishing Inc.
215 Pennsylvania Avenue
City: Paterson
State: NJ
Postal Code: 07503
Country: United States of America
Voice Phone: (1) 973 279 2100
Fax Phone: (1) 973 279 5659
Contact #1: Anthony Olmo
Description: Multi-faceted converting specialists. 12 years experience working with trade and corporate clients. Full range of web or sheet finishing services offered including: cutting, hot-stamping, labels, lamination, overprinting, etc. Specialists in applying holograms to a variety of substrates.


3-D Hologrammen
1012 GA Amsterdam
City: Holland
Country: Netherlands
Voice Phone: (31) 20 6247225
Fax Phone: (31) 20 6247225
Email: j.kraak@inter.nl.net
Contact #1: Erik Swetter
Description: Wholesale & Distribution - Retail - Art. Gallery/shop since 1987.


3-D Systems
Line1 of Address: P.O. Box 145
City: Pt. Arena
State: CA
Postal Code: 95468
Country: United States of America
Voice Phone: (1) 707 882 1910
Email: lgcross@intercoastal.com
Contact #1: Lloyd Cross
Description: Currently produces "virtual optics laboratory" software for holographers and optics research. Pioneered integral holograms and other holographic techniques.


3D Images Ltd.
31 The Chine
Grange Park
City: London
State: England
Postal Code: N21 2EA
Country: United Kingdom
Voice Phone: (44) 181 364 0022
Fax Phone: (44) 181 364 1828
Email: burder3d@aol.com
Contact #1: David Burder
Description: Manufacturer and distributor of 3D images. Also supplies lenticular 3D products. Producers of "Virtual Video". 3D supplies and glasses.


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3D Ltd.
Gewerbestrasse 19
City: Unteraegeri,
Postal Code: CH-6314
Country: Switzerland
Voice Phone: (41) 41 750 4972
Fax Phone: (41) 41 750 3236
Email: 3d-ltd@3d-ltd.com
Web: http://www.3d-ltd.com/
Contact #1: Glen Lloyd
Description: In house design, mastering, electro-forming, recombination and shim production facilities, 3D Ltd. can offer full production services. Specialist origination capabilities include a range of holographic security products. 3D Ltd. is a leading supplier of diffraction and prismatic patterns. Currently available range of over 300 patterns is available to any authentic foil producer under a standard licensing and royalty contract.



3D Optical Illusions
P.O. Box 765City: Buddina
State: Queensland
Postal Code: 3153
Country: Australia
Voice Phone: (61) 39 729 6337
Voice Phone: (61) 414 776 226
Fax Phone: (61) 39 729 6020
Contact #1: Trevor McGaw
Description: Specializing in lenticular and holographic movement illusions with up to 20 different motion images.


3D Technologies & Arts
Scopolijeva 19
City: Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia
Voice Phone: (386) 61 558463
Fax Phone: (386) 61 1330189
Email: holography&tripod.net
Web: http://members.tripod.com/~holography
Contact #1: Nikola Jelic


3D Vision
Ostertorsteinweg 1-2
City: Bremen
Postal Code: D-28203
Country: Germany
Voice Phone: (49) (0)421 767 97
Fax Phone: (49) (0)421 767 97
Contact #1: Uwe Reichert
Description: Holograms-Holographic projects. General commercial holograms for sale and distribution.


3D-4D Holographics
97 St John Street
City: London
State: England
Postal Code: EC1M 4AS
Country: United Kingdom
Voice Phone: (44) 171 250 3545
Fax Phone: (44) 171 250 3566
Email: graham@hologram.demon.co.uk

A Listing of Individuals Named as Primary Business Contacts

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Abendroth, Detlev, AKS Holographie-Galerie GmbH, Germany

Abouchar, Natalalie, Foreign Dimension (The), China

Abrams, Claudette, Abrams, Claudette, Canada

Abrams, Claudette, Photon League Of Holographers Ontario, Canada

Abramson, Nils, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Ahlemeyer, Frank, S. C. Ahlemeyer, Germany

Akhmedjanov, Dipl Phys. I., Gesellschaft für Holografie mbH - GfH, Germany

Akveld, A.C., Triple-D Laser Imaging, Netherlands

Albrecht, Gerd M., Phantastica, Germany

Albright, Steve, Optimation Holographics, USA

Alschuler, William R., California Institute of the Arts, USA

Alten, Susanne, Spindler & Hoyer GmbH & Co., Germany

Ammelung, Hr., Micos GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Anders, Ulrich, Holographie Konzept GmbH, Germany

Andersen, Chad, Meredith Instruments, USA

Anderson, Dick, Anderson Lasers, Inc., USA

Anderson, Mike, Holomex, UK

Ando, Hiroshi, Nippondenso Co., Ltd., Japan

Andrade, Ana Alexandra, INETI - Institute of Information Technologies, Portugal

Andrews, Mathew, 3D-4D Holographics, UK

Anton, Theodor J., Deutscher Drucker Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Germany

Arkin, Bill, Holo-Spectra, USA

Arnott, Bob, Holographyx Inc., USA

Arnott, Bob, Holographyx Inc., USA

Aymar, Bill, Laser Las Vegas, USA


Baghdadi, A.M., Wonders of Holography Gallery, Saudi Arabia

Baghdadi, Abdul Wahab, Hololaser Gallery, United Arab Emerates

Baker, Marion, Krystal Holographics International Inc., USA

Balogh, Tibor, Artplay Holographika Studio, Hungary

Baoqing, Yuan, Qingdao Gaoguang Holography Tech. Co, China

Bard, Richard, Optical Security Group, USA

Barefoot, Paul D., Holophile, Inc., USA

Barre, Pascal, Holos Art Gallery, Switzerland

Bassin, Barry, Infrared Optical Products, Inc., USA

Battin, Dave, Holo Art, USA

Bauer, Josef, Bauer-Josef, Germany

Bautista, Ramon, Empaques y Envolturas Holograficas, S.A. de C.V., Mexico

Baynes, Cheryl, Reynolds Metals Co., USA

Bazargan, Kaveh, Focal Image Ltd, UK

Bear, Sol, Hologram World, Inc., USA

Beauregard, Alain, Lasiris Inc., Canada

Beck, Mrs., Coherent Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Beeching, Dave, CFC Applied Holographics, USA

Beeck, M.-A., Volkswagen AG, Germany

Begleiter, Erich, Dimensional Foods Co., USA

Behrmann, Greg, Potomac Photonics, Inc., USA

Beichert, Günter, Holografie Illusion mit Licht, Germany

Bellini, Victor, Bellini, Victor, USA

Benito, Ramon, Karas Studios Holografia, Spain

Bentley, John, Dimuken (GB), UK

Benton, Stephen A., M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), USA

Benyon, Margaret, Benyon, Margaret - Holography Studio, UK

Benziger, Thomas, University of Magdeburg, Germany

Berkhout, Rudie, Berkhout, Rudie, USA

Berrie, T, Art Foil Graphic Machinery, UK

Bianchi, Herman-Josef, Arbeitskreis Holografie B.V., Germany

Billings, Loren, Holographic Design Systems, USA

Billings, Loren, Museum Of Holography/Chicago, USA

Billings, Loren, School Of Holography, USA

Billo, Andreas, Institute for Applied Physics, Germany

Bingda, Zhou, Shanghai Kanlian S & T Development Co. Ltd., China

Birch, Clive, Kendall Hyde Ltd., UK