The Holography Industry's Most Comprehensive Sourcebook and Reference Text.

Book Specifications:
Title: Holography MarketPlace 8th Ed.
ISBN: 0-89496-110-1
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 240
Binding: Perfect

Edited by: A. Rhody and F. Ross
Price: $22.95
Includes: holograms, color pages, directory

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8th Edition


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This edition of Holography MarketPlace features a
fully dimensional, full-color
4"x 5" hologram on the cover and...

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Table of Contents
Informative Articles from Industry Experts
  • New True Color Reflection Holograms
  • Easily viewable, "Instant" holograms from Sony
  • New Holographic Fabrics
  • Intro to Holography and its Commercial Applications
  • Artwork Origination and Preparation
  • Newest Silver Halide Materials and Processing Info
  • Dot Matrix Hologram Mastering Machines
  • New Laser Products: CW and Pulsed Systems
  • Photopolymer, DCG and Photorefractive crystals
  • Sales and Distribution Systems and much more!
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   High Quality Hologram Samples 
  • Including one of the very first full color, deep image photopolymer holograms ever available to the public!
  • Over 20 collectable high quality holograms from major manufacturers: photopolymer and embossed
  • Actual samples of 2D, 2D/3D and 3D holograms for security, packaging, brand ID, giftware, displays, etc.
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   An Updated International Business Directory
  • 900 worldwide business listings including:
  • New telephone and fax area codes
  • Current email addresses and Internet web sites
  • Personal contacts
  • Business descriptions
   Easy-to-Use Quick Reference Tables
  • Locate new suppliers
  • Find new customers
  • Compare business services
  • Updated listings
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Index to Advertisers
   Additional product/services information
  • Advertisements targeted to you
  • Associations for industry professionals
  • Schools, courses, groups for enthusiasts
  • Detailed product descriptions and much more!


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