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300 Years at the Keyboard has received glowing reviews from the major music magazines and library reviewers.  A short list is below click here to see the full reviews: ReviewsIcon

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Here is a short summary of the reviews:

Booklist (The American Library Association) says:

This authoritative volume will make a solid addition to the public library music collection. After offering a brief opening chapter on the evolution of the piano ......... This book's unique feature is its inclusion of musical examples of each composer's work, which are meant to be played as one reads along. .......

Clavier (A major piano magazine)

Compiled and annotated by Patricia Fallows-Hammond. Suitable as a reference source, this handbook supplies concise biographical and stylistic sketches of composers and annotation of selected compositions. ......... The huge task of condensing 300 years' worth of history calls for a consistent treatment of material. Fallows-Hammond has a knack for setting and maintaining an appropriate level of sophistication. Writing in a crisp, direct style, she steers the student toward complicated subjects and gives them a palpable hold on them. .......Fallows-Hammond does a good job of compiling accurate information on the composers she has chosen. If the contents of the book serve your purposes, you will find this handbook a handy reference source.

Keyboard Magazine

Patricia Fallow-Hammond’s 312 page study embraces the proposition that historical context is an important, and frequently neglected, element in building an understanding of classical repertoire. This is not a new insight; what is new is Fallows-Hammond’s abbreviated response to it. Rather then write a comprehensive psycho-historical investigation, she has assembled a fairly basic catalogue of keyboard works, arranged chronologically by composer, and preceded each list with a short biography relating milestones from each composer’s life. ......... Her decision to further enlighten the reader with short samples of their handiwork is a happy extra addition.......... By and large, Fallows-Hammond’s view of piano repertoire and the masters who created it follows the familiar line. Her efficiency at summarizing and packaging that line is what makes her debut in print a success.

Choice Magazine (a major review magazine for the library market)

After an introductory section on the history of the piano, particularly as reflected in and influenced by works of the major composers for the instrument, this interesting and informative book describes .... These sketches are exceptionally well written, assuming an intelligent reader, and convey a great deal of information concisely.... this book contains much well-organized and useful material. For libraries serving serious amateur pianists, high school upward.



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