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How Holograms Are Applied to Packaging/Printing

This site will give an overview how holograms are made, what different types of holograms exist and how they are incorporated into advertising.

Holograms are three dimensional images. They are bright, colorful and can be made to have a great deal of depth to them. Some holograms can even be made to "project" the image toward the viewer. Holograms are also very difficult to counterfeit. Because of these characteristics, holograms have become a popular way for people to advertise their product while providing security at the same time.

The results have been remarkable and consequently major manufacturers have been increasing the use of holograms. Microsoft, for example, has gone from having holograms on their boxes to covering the entire CD with a hologram. Some countries use holograms in their currency and stamps. Cereal boxes, credit cards, and even liquor bottles have holograms. In the world of print advertising, paperback novels, entertainment tickets, trading cards and numerous direct mail ads have holograms because of their proven track record at attracting attention.

At this web site, we will explain how holograms are made and show you some samples of holograms used in ads.  because we are on the web, the "3-D" effect of the hologram can not experienced. Therefore, we offer inexpensive samples of ads that incorporate holograms so you can see the real thing before you go further along the road of using them in your marketing. We also have limited quantities of hologram stickers which you can purchase and stick on a surface of your own choosing. Lastly, we have an inexpensive industry directory of all the businesses involved in the holography industry.





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